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Lupita & Elmo Talk About Skin

Another reason why I love this girl!  Lupita Nyong’o is doing the most in promoting natural hair and loving oneself.   Such a burden shouldn’t fall on one set of shoulders, but if it had to, I’m certainly glad it was hers! And kudos to Sesame Street for stepping in the right direction.  Not only in this instance, but also in its previous attempt of promoting self love for African American hair.   Well done to all.  Keep the love flowing! Peace, Love, and Live Life Full, P.A.

What Does “The Natural Hair Movement” Mean to You?

Here’s another real talk discussion coming at you.  Lately, it seems there has been some discontent in the natural hair community.  I discussed one of the issues in my texture discrimination post.  But the newest wave of discontent seems to be fueled by a CurlyNikki post that featured a Caucasian woman with curly hair.