4 Ways to Reset Your Style for Fall

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Fall is in the air.  As the weather gets chillier and the days get shorter, and the smell of pumpkin spice permeates every Starbucks corner, it’s provides the perfect excuse to change up your look. I know the pandemic has affected a lot of us, but you’ve gotta do the things that bring you joy (or you’ll go insane). Below are 4 easy tips on how to reset your style for the new season, even if you’re on a budget. 1. Shop your closet If you’re anything like me,  you’ve got some goodies stashed away in the corner of your…

Hairstyle 1: Crochet Braids – Water Wave (and other bulk hair)

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Protect it. Love it. Protective styling generally refers to…you guessed it…protecting your natural hair. Since afro-textured hair is actually pretty fine (for the most part) and fragile, it needs a break every now and again. Protective styles protect your ends from the elements and from drying out. Crochet braids are my favorite go-to protective style.  They are easy to do and (most importantly for braids) easy to take out. And individuals with practically any length hair can wear them. Bonus: they take less than half the time to put in than traditional box braids, micros, or Senegalese! PLUS, you can…