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Is Transitioning A Waste of Time?

I joined Blogging University 101 and Writing 101 this month and the first challenge in Writing 101 is a stream of consciousness exercise. As I’m sitting here letting my thoughts flow regarding what I want to write about for this challenge, I remembered how someone mentioned to me once that it was a complete waste of time to transition to natural hair—one should just big chop. Advertisements

Pentagon Relaxes Military Hairstyle Policy

This is the perfect example of how remarkable developments can take effect once we come together.  There is enough hatred in this world from the Ferguson, MO police crack down of what is essentially “a war on black teens” down to the petty Youtube comments that make us all realize just how deep roots stemmed in hatred can spread. But when we come together, beautiful things happen.

DIY Crochet Braids #2: Freetress Bohemian Bulk

Hi Naturels! Here’s an updated style since my very first DIY crochet braids.  I’ve decided to venture away from my signature look (the water wave) and try other bulk hair/crochet styles.   I’m thinking of making this into a DIY Crochet Braids series.  It would be great to see just how many styles I can experiment with using crochet braids, since it’s such an awesome protective style when you don’t want to do much to your hair for a couple of weeks. That being said, it will be a while before my next crochet braids post.  Some of you have asked me to post some styles for transitioning hair that don’t require completely covering it up with wigs or weave.   So I’m currently working on that series, which hopefully will be out soon! In this post, I’m featuring four weeks of crochet braids using Freetress Bohemian bulk hair. This time around, I cornrowed my hair without extensions and it turned out objectively better than my first attempt.  :-D.   Besides, my natural hair is pretty strong …

Wig Review: Freetress Bebe

After purchasing the Freetress Nia Girl half wig, I decided to give a full wig a try.  I wanted to get a wig that was similar in style to the crochet style I mostly wear, so I purchased the Freetress Equal Synthetic Lace Front Bebe wig from (which, fyi, is having a Fourth of July sale right now). DISCLAIMER: I purchased this wig myself.  Neither Freetress nor furnished this wig to me nor are they paying me for my opinion on this blog. The wig was decently priced (approx. $28), but I must say that my first impression was disappointment.  I purchased the wig in OP430, which is the same color featured on the model.  Well, not only was the color not like the model, the wig didn’t really take the shape of the wig on the model either. No  matter, I decided to make it work for me.  Bebe is a “lace front” wig.  And by lace front, they mean, there’s some lace.  I wasn’t really expecting the best lace front or …

Wig Review: Freetress Nia Girl

A while back, I needed a protective style for the work week, but I was running short on time and my hair wasn’t working with me.  For the first time in my life, I decided to purchase a wig.  I’ve never been a wig girl by any means–sure, here and there you might find me donning a blood red or platinum blonde wig for Halloween, but it certainly wasn’t a style I turned to for daily wear. Well, after purchasing the Freetress Synthethic Fullcap Drawstring Nia Girl wig, I may just hop aboard the wig train. DISCLAIMER: I purchased this wig myself.  Neither Freetress nor furnished this wig to me nor are they paying me for my opinion on this blog. If you couldn’t already tell, I love purchasing hair supplies/extensions (and now wigs) from and I purchased Nia there for $18.99 in colors 1B and TP1B/30 (at $18.99 how could I not get two?? lol).  This website is not sponsoring me in anyway, but  I have to say I love shopping there because they are …