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DIY: Crochet Braids

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Hello Naturels! This is my first attempt at doing crochet braids on my own head! All in all–not a bad turn out (installed on April 20): I decided that I was going to start taking care of and styling my own hair (reasons articulated in a previous post). I already know all about the process of installing crochet braids–it’s a rather simple concept: 1. cornrow hair; 2. crochet bulk hair/braided hair through cornrows.  Simple right? Not if you don’t know so much as how to cornrow your own hair–which I didn’t.  So, my first step was surfing youtube to find…

5 Things I Learned About Hair Salons After Going Natural

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If you’re transitioning to natural hair, you may have noticed that trips to the salon don’t seem quite as fun as they used to.  In fact, you might think you’re going crazy and that your stylist no longer likes you.  Well let me be the first to let you know that you are in fact NOT going crazy. If you don’t live in a particularly urban and happenin’ city, hair salons that specialize in natural hair care are few and far between.  And the stylists employed there have a natural aversion to natural hair (pun intended). My latest encounters at…

Feeling the Shrinkage

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By the time December 2013 rolled around ( 7 months post relaxer), I was really feeling the shrinkage.  When I began this journey, my hair was just past shoulder length, to about the top quarter of my shoulder blades.  I didn’t measure with a tape measure so I can’t give you the exact length in inches, though you can get idea from the picture below (yes, I realize that I’m leaning forward, so add about 1/2 an inch to the back). After my blowout was essentially null and void, my hair seemed to be bobbing just below my chin. I knew…