Southern Spring Style

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*Photo Credit: Jean-Michel Arthus, a.k.a. “The Hubby”

It finally looks like spring is here to stay in Virginia!  It was a little touch and go there for a bit, but it’s time to bring out the day dresses and the cowboy boots!

Southern Spring Style 4

I may have spent my formative years in England, but my style is heavily influenced by the years I spent in Texas before college.  Throw into the mix day dresses of Virginian charm and you get this ensemble.

Southern Spring Style 2

Purse: Aldo

Southern Spring Style 7

Cowgirl boots: Body Central

Southern Spring Style 8-1

Sunglasses: Vera Wang

Southern Spring Style 9

Crop Sweater: ModCloth

Southern Spring Style 11

Scarf (used as head band): Libby Sue (from

Southern Spring Style 12

Dress: Macy’s

Southern Spring Style 13-1

Woven belt with large buckle: Body Central

Southern Spring Style 1-1

Until next time! Enjoy the beautiful weather 🙂

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