If you’ve ever read my bio, you’ll notice that I identify as a nomad at heart.  The “nomad” is because I traveled the world as a child with my parents, and even though I’m more rooted in adulthood, the itch to travel is ingrained in my blood. Travel–and traveling often–is a part of the vision I […]

When the lights went out in Houston during Winter Storm Uri, the last thing on my mind was how I was going to wash my hair.  It didn’t matter that it had already been over 2 weeks since my last wash day because we went through an intense move with an active toddler and were […]

Wash and gos. They’re practically the epitome of what it means to be natural—the ability to wear your hair in its natural curl pattern as it grows out of your head, amiright? So why is it so many of us have trouble perfecting the style and our wash and gos seem more like wash and no’s?

Leota Aria Watercolor Mock Neck Midi Dress

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For transitioners and new naturals alike.  Get natural hair resources and tips to help you grow beautiful, healthy, kinks, curls and coils. 

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A glimpse into my personal life. All things style, beauty, travel, fitness, and balance for the working mom.

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Tips and resources for women in corporate and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to connect their purpose to their work.

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Hello There.

I’m P.A.,
YOUR NEW Identity coach

I help women in corporate overcome stereotypes so they can align what they do with who they are, and build confidence in their beauty while creating lives and careers they love.

Whether you're looking to get a promotion or to pivot out of your current career; looking to stop the code-switch and grow your natural hair; or seeking balance between your personal life and your job, I come along side you with the tools and guidance to help you reach your goals.
Just think of me as your virtual ride-or-die who brings along the good snacks ... and spills the tea.

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Badass, mom boss

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For women in corporate and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to connect their purpose to their work.

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For women looking to grow beautiful kinks, curls, or coils.

All things style, beauty, productivity, and balance for the working mom.