How to Travel More in 2021

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If you’ve ever read my bio, you’ll notice that I identify as a nomad at heart.  The “nomad” is because I traveled the world as a child with my parents, and even though I’m more rooted in adulthood, the itch to travel is ingrained in my blood. Travel–and traveling often–is a part of the vision I have for my family and my ideal life.  It’s fun to get lost in the idea of it all—escaping to an island paradise, venturing out on exciting adventures, booking a staycation  and (one of my favs) experiencing new foods—but how do you go about making it a…

6 Apps To Plan The Perfect Staycation

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I’m a nomad at heart and traveling is in my blood. It also happens to be a way to treat yourself, get away from work and re-charge (and you shouldn’t be afraid to do so if you don’t want to burnout).  However, due to the continuing effects of the pandemic, you may not want to venture too far this year.  My family and I are planning a staycation, opting for a vacation close to home, instead of our usual joust across the globe and are loving the tools that make planning our getaway a breeze. If you’re in the process…