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Pentagon Relaxes Military Hairstyle Policy

This is the perfect example of how remarkable developments can take effect once we come together.  There is enough hatred in this world from the Ferguson, MO police crack down of what is essentially “a war on black teens” down to the petty Youtube comments that make us all realize just how deep roots stemmed in hatred can spread. But when we come together, beautiful things happen.

The Christian Relationship: When You Know Your Man is Truly Supportive

Ever wonder if your spouse/significant other is truly supportive of your endeavors, big or small?  If you’re spiritual at all, then this might resonate with you: This past weekend, my husband and I took part in (non-Catholic) communion.  As a married couple, we generally pray for one another before communion begins.  Since my hubby is about to take his boards, the obvious prayer was to pray for his upcoming success on this exam. But imagine my surprise when he opened his mouth to pray for me and . . . He. Prayed. For. My. Blog.  Yes, you read that right–he prayed  for my blog! I don’t think he even realized that my eyes popped open. I mean, I didn’t even know he recognized the effort I put into my hobby–I just thought he entertained me when I would spout off about some awesome comment or interesting perspective that someone left. Even in the midst of his intense studying schedule (and trust me, med students don’t take a lot of time out for much), he took the time to notice that …

The Texture Discrimination Conversation

Today, I watched a live Youtube event hosted by and featuring Michelle Breyer – Co-founder & President of TextureMedia, Miko Branch – Co-CEO of Miss Jessie’s, and Imani Dawson – Creator of Tribe Called Curl.  The topic: Hair Typing–Does it Empower Us or Alienate Us? You can watch the recording here.  Below are my thoughts and experiences on the issue. I have been transitioning to natural hair since May 4, 2013, and this is a topic I have stumbled across several times in the last year when it comes to the natural hair community.  In fact, it’s a topic that has directly impacted me personally. I personally don’t think that hair typing is inherently empowering or alienating.  Hair typing can be quite useful when it comes to figuring out which products may work for your hair.  However, I do think that individuals with self-esteem issues and the need to elevate themselves do use it as a tool for putting others down and for making others feel “less-than.”  The media can also perpetuate the problem. Now before I …