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A Black Mississippi Judge’s Breathtaking Speech To 3 White Murderers

U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves, one of just two African-Americans to have ever served as federal judges in Mississippi, reads a beautifully heart-wrenching speech to three young white men before sentencing them for the death of a 48-year-old black man they beat and ran over with a truck, killing him, in a parking lot in Jackson, Miss.

Did Dove Miss The Mark In Their New Curly Hair Campaign?

Dove recently came out with their “Love Your Curls” Campaign. It was received with mixed reviews–particularly by African American women. Some loved it and were moved to tears. Some thought it was a hijacking and white-washing of the natural hair movement.

Why Halle Berry’s Lawsuit Over Her Daugher’s Hair Isn’t Crazy

When I first read the headlines that Halle Berry took her ex, Gabriel Aubry, to court over her daughter’s hair three weeks ago, I immediately dismissed it as attention-seeking, celebrity nonsense.  However, when I read the article and the complaints hurled at Gabriel for trying to white wash their daughter’s image, my interest was piqued.

Culture Shock

#Blogging 101 Assignement: Be Inspired By the Community – write a post that builds on one of the comments you left. I’m actually catching up on assignments, so today, I left a comment on Habit Your Day’s blog regarding developing a habit of understanding different cultures and I applaud her efforts. This post resonated with me particularly because I am a girl whose ethnic make up is diverse (therefore, I find it incredibly difficult to favor any one race or culture).  I’m also an individual who has lived in and traveled to over thirteen countries before the age of ten. I became the “professional new kid”–always having to learn about culture in context, and needing to make friends fast.  There was almost nothing that you could say to insult me, because in my ever growing need for cultural understanding, I just assumed there was something I misunderstood.  I’m sure that made for puzzling encounters once people who actually intended to insult me realized that I hadn’t digested their affront as such.  On the bright side, …

Lupita & Elmo Talk About Skin

Another reason why I love this girl!  Lupita Nyong’o is doing the most in promoting natural hair and loving oneself.   Such a burden shouldn’t fall on one set of shoulders, but if it had to, I’m certainly glad it was hers! And kudos to Sesame Street for stepping in the right direction.  Not only in this instance, but also in its previous attempt of promoting self love for African American hair.   Well done to all.  Keep the love flowing! Peace, Love, and Live Life Full, P.A.

Is Transitioning A Waste of Time?

I joined Blogging University 101 and Writing 101 this month and the first challenge in Writing 101 is a stream of consciousness exercise. As I’m sitting here letting my thoughts flow regarding what I want to write about for this challenge, I remembered how someone mentioned to me once that it was a complete waste of time to transition to natural hair—one should just big chop.

Pentagon Relaxes Military Hairstyle Policy

This is the perfect example of how remarkable developments can take effect once we come together.  There is enough hatred in this world from the Ferguson, MO police crack down of what is essentially “a war on black teens” down to the petty Youtube comments that make us all realize just how deep roots stemmed in hatred can spread. But when we come together, beautiful things happen.