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The Creative Blog Award

I am honored to have been nominated by the lovely Mira of Admirably Legal for the Creative Blog Award!  Had she not nominated me, she would definitely be one of my nominees!!  Her blog is not only uplifting, but her fashion sense and penchant for recognizing not only domestic, but global fashion trends is admirably unique–pun intended. :-).  Definitely check her out! Creative Blog Award,  The Rules: Post the link of the blog that provided you with the nomination and give thanks! 🙂 Share 5 facts about yourself. Nominate 10 other blogs and provide their links in your post. Contact each of the 10 nominees via their blogs, Facebook , or other forms of social media informing them of their nomination. Provide the rules to your nominees (feel free to copy these rules directly). 5 Fun Facts About Me: I am Christian. I was born overseas and lived in 13 countries before the age of 10. I’m a full-time attorney who happens to love hair, makeup, fashion, food, and empowering the underdog! People who know …

A Black Mississippi Judge’s Breathtaking Speech To 3 White Murderers

U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves, one of just two African-Americans to have ever served as federal judges in Mississippi, reads a beautifully heart-wrenching speech to three young white men before sentencing them for the death of a 48-year-old black man they beat and ran over with a truck, killing him, in a parking lot in Jackson, Miss.

Did Dove Miss The Mark In Their New Curly Hair Campaign?

Dove recently came out with their “Love Your Curls” Campaign. It was received with mixed reviews–particularly by African American women. Some loved it and were moved to tears. Some thought it was a hijacking and white-washing of the natural hair movement.

Looking Back – 2014

2014 has been a wonderful year. D’aller Naturel made its debut on May 1, 2014 from a simple natural hair and health journey documentation to a budding natural hair care, health and beauty resource (and everything in between!). I want to thank each and every one of you for your support, your insight and your encouragement over the last 7 months. Here’s a look back at some of your favorite posts of 2014!

How to Cheat a Holiday Meal

It’s that time of year again–presents, Christmas caroling, and oh the food! If you’re hosting a Christmas party or, like me, have a large number of family members coming in for the holidays, preparing that Christmas dinner may seem daunting.  I know I had grand plans of creating an elaborate menu from scratch.  But . . . 16 is a large number of mouths to feed and I don’t really want to spend the entire day cooking.  So . . . here’s a holiday meal hack that will save you on time and keep your sanity in check.

Why Halle Berry’s Lawsuit Over Her Daugher’s Hair Isn’t Crazy

When I first read the headlines that Halle Berry took her ex, Gabriel Aubry, to court over her daughter’s hair three weeks ago, I immediately dismissed it as attention-seeking, celebrity nonsense.  However, when I read the article and the complaints hurled at Gabriel for trying to white wash their daughter’s image, my interest was piqued.