Crochet Styles

DIY: Crochet Braids

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Hello Naturels! This is my first attempt at doing crochet braids on my own head! All in all–not a bad turn out (installed on April 20): I decided that I was going to start taking care of and styling my own hair (reasons articulated in a previous post). I already know all about the process of installing crochet braids–it’s a rather simple concept: 1. cornrow hair; 2. crochet bulk hair/braided hair through cornrows.  Simple right? Not if you don’t know so much as how to cornrow your own hair–which I didn’t.  So, my first step was surfing youtube to find…

Hairstyle 2: Crochet Braids – Pre-braided strands

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This is the other type of crochet braids that I like to put in: pre-braided strands.   This is the easiest way I’ve found to get the same look as micros/Senegalese.  Like the bulk hair version, you can get these wet at anytime.  The downside to pre-braided strands is that, if you hair grows quickly, it will last closer to the 4-week rather than the 6-week range.  There’s just no way to hide the new growth.Here are a couple of examples for comparison: 1) Actual Senegalese Braids  – never again (ain’t nobody got time for that!)   2)  Senegalese-style Crochet Braids:…

Hairstyle 1: Crochet Braids – Water Wave (and other bulk hair)

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Protect it. Love it. Protective styling generally refers to…you guessed it…protecting your natural hair. Since afro-textured hair is actually pretty fine (for the most part) and fragile, it needs a break every now and again. Protective styles protect your ends from the elements and from drying out. Crochet braids are my favorite go-to protective style.  They are easy to do and (most importantly for braids) easy to take out. And individuals with practically any length hair can wear them. Bonus: they take less than half the time to put in than traditional box braids, micros, or Senegalese! PLUS, you can…