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Pre-poo with Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Line

This post has been a long time coming–like three months long time coming [insert shame face here].  But since I’ve slightly altered my regimen from the first time I experimented with the pre-poo, I’m going to summarize my review of the initial product combination I tried and update what my actual pre-poo regimen is today.

Do You Know Your Hair Porosity?

In order to figure out how products will react in your hair, you need to know these four things about your hair: 1. Its type (curl pattern); 2. Its density (how tightly packed strands are on your scalp); 3. Its width (fine or thick/coarse stands of hair); and 4. It’s porosity (how easily each strand holds and absorbs water) Knowing these four things will help you identify the unique properties of your hair and will determine the kind of products your hair needs to maintain/restore health. I’m already resigned to the fact that I may not be able to accurately tell which curl pattern I have on my head until my relaxed ends are completely cut off.  Relaxed hair tends to be heavier than natural hair, therefore pulling (and distortion) may occur.  From what I can tell about my natural growth, it’s a mix ranging from type 3c through 4c.  But that’s a determination for another day. Meanwhile, I have medium-to-high density hair with mostly coarse strands (my edges/baby hairs are fine). What I don’t know …