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DIY Ombre: A Touch of Color

Originally posted on Girl Meets Soul:
Ever get tired of people saying you must go to a salon to dye your natural hair? Yeah, me too.  But you’re also worried about all the horrible DIY home dye jobs you hear about? *sigh* In my search for a safe practically fool-proof home dye system that could produce the ombre look I crave, I came across a wonderful product!  Nothing puts a pep in your step like some pop o’ color to yo’ curls.  Check it out below!

DIY Flax Seed Gel

Hellooooo Naturels! I received a question regarding how to make a decent flax seed gel at home.   I mean, far be it from me to keep the wonders of natural hair care to myself, so I was happy to respond.  As I was formulating a reply, I figured that I should share the recipe with the rest of you!  So without further adieu, here’s a fairly typical DIY flax seed recipe  that’s pretty easy to prepare.  It can be customized by adding essential oils of your choice: What You’ll Need: 1/4 cup whole flax seeds 2 cups water 1 cheap pair of pantyhose (the 50 cents type from the drug store that come in a little plastic ball) 2 – 3 small containers to house the gel when hot & 1 air tight container to store the gel once made tongs Essential oils (optional) Instructions: 1. In a medium size pot or saucepan, mix flax seeds and water and bring to boil.  Stir frequently to release any flax seeds sticking to the sides and bottom …

The Hair Benefits of the Lemon

It seems the lemon is the red-headed step child of the natural hair community.  We discuss the benefits of many natural oils, nuts, and fruits, but not much seems to be said about the lemon other than it can naturally lighten your hair. The lemon was actually known, before modern times, as an essential ingredient for maintaining hair.  There are several ways you can incorporate the benefits of the lemon into your hair care regimen. You can eat (or drink) it Lemons have the ability to eliminate toxins from the body–and also from the hair.  Hair can hold toxins from the environment that may cause damage to the strands.  Regular consumption of lemons can aid in eliminating these toxins and promote hair growth. As a stripping rinse Soaking your hair in lemon juice can directly remove build-up from products that lay heavily on the hair and make it limp.  It’s also a wonderful tool in removing excess oil without stripping away too much of the oils your hair naturally produces.  Some people use it in addition to apple cider vinegar …