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Embarking on a Health & Fitness Journey

I’m embarking on a new adventure as a health and fitness coach at Girl Meets Soul Fit Life where I’m dedicated to health, fitness, self-love, and helping women achieve the lifestyle of their dreams!

Pilates Reformer: A Dancer’s Best Friend or Torture Device?

When I arrived at the dance studio for my modern dance class, my instructor informed me that I was the only student that day.  So he suggested a private Pilates session instead.  “Sure, I can do planks,” I thought.  Plus, this sounded like a wonderful opportunity to get a group class rate for a private training session.  Count me in! He led me into the Pilates studio where (to my shock) there weren’t any mats, exercise balls or open space wooden floors, but rows and rows of what appeared to be torture devices.  My instructor took in the horrified look on my face and chuckled.  “That’s a common reaction,” he said. “Not to worry, I’ll walk you through everything step-by-step.  This machine is really good for building up your core dance muscles.” [Now, I should pause and say that, although I have danced before–and actually started dancing at a very young age–I took a nine-year hiatus after undergrad . . . and I was in a sitting position for most of it (office/desk jobs, studying …