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Leota Dress Giveaway

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It’s giveaway month here on Girl Meets Soul.  If you’re not following me on Instagram or on my email list, you missed out on the first giveaway of $750 cash.  Make sure you are following on IG @thegmslifestyle and subscribe to my newsletter, Lifestyle Insights, for exclusive content that’s not on the blog as well as to receive updates on blog!       To usher in fall and help you guys reset your wardrobe with a new style, I’m thrilled to team up with Leota!  If you’re not familiar with Leota, I’m super excited to introduce you to this…

5 Ways to Look After Your Skin

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The skin (yes, including your hair) is the biggest organ on the body, and if you don’t look after it you may find that it’s unhealthy, too dry or too greasy. Trust me, it can feel like you don’t have time for a proper skincare routine, but there are some things that you really do have to make time for – skincare is one of them. Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated–in fact, it’s best when it’s not.  You can master the basics of pampering and get your skincare routine under control without it taking much time. You can read…

A Natural Hair Inspired Halloween

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Happy Halloween, Everyone!!! The costumes are out, the vibe is spooky, and fall has finally arrived in Virginia! With all the costume ideas out there this year, I decided to not only have some fun at work, but to work a costume around a fabulous protective style: Paying homage to the iconic Janelle Monae, a little extra “umph” to the classic pomp transformed this work look into a perfectly fashionable (and work-appropriate) Halloween statement. How are you rocking your natural hair this Halloween?