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“M” Is For Mother

Yup.  This is my mother.  My 61-year old mother. The mother who everyone mistakes for my older sister.  All the time.  Yes, it’s annoying.  But I love her all the same. (I’m just saying–God needs to make sure those genes kick in when I get that old).

mother's day

My mother played quite a role in my decision to go natural–and by that I mean she was natural on the sly for two years and I had no clue–so sneaky, Queen of Protective Styling!!!  I see you.  But no, really, what she showed me was that just because going natural was more of a health decision for me, it didn’t mean that it would be impossible to maintain.  

mother's day 3

I mean, look at that face! #jealous

That being said, I thought I’d pay homage to my mother in all her inspiring, fabulous glory on this Mother’s Day. 

mother's day 2

Protective styling like a pro.  I’m still relaxed in this picture, but my mother loved to demonstrate just one of the many possible hairstyles I could try while transitioning.

mother's day 4

She is always there for the most important moments in life.  And also to help my pocket by doing my hair! Protective styling together!!

Margaret 60-92

And she’s always stunning in a headwrap (called a “gele”) and our native attire!

So to all the mothers out there inspiring the rest of us with your love, your courage, your strength, and your style, I say Happy Mother’s Day!

How has your mother inspired you over the years?


    • Haha it sure don’t, and thanks! She loves to hear how young she looks and of course is delighted whenever guys my age hit on her lol. #Moms

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