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The Christian Relationship: When You Know Your Man is Truly Supportive

Ever wonder if your spouse/significant other is truly supportive of your endeavors, big or small?  If you’re spiritual at all, then this might resonate with you:

This past weekend, my husband and I took part in (non-Catholic) communion.  As a married couple, we generally pray for one another before communion begins.  Since my hubby is about to take his boards, the obvious prayer was to pray for his upcoming success on this exam.

But imagine my surprise when he opened his mouth to pray for me and . . . He. Prayed. For. My. Blog.  Yes, you read that right–he prayed  for my blog!

I don’t think he even realized that my eyes popped open. I mean, I didn’t even know he recognized the effort I put into my hobby–I just thought he entertained me when I would spout off about some awesome comment or interesting perspective that someone left.

Even in the midst of his intense studying schedule (and trust me, med students don’t take a lot of time out for much), he took the time to notice that this journey I was on was important to me . . . and that made it important to him.  Important enough to bring to God.

That was the moment that I realized he was supportive of this journey–no matter how trivial it appeared in the grand scheme of things . . . like compared to a test that may determine what you could possibly do as a career.  He even encouraged me to go ahead and purchase a domain name (some of you may have noticed the change).

I was floored, humbled, and appreciative to realize that a truly supportive man will notice the small things and take the time to pray . . . even for your hobbies.

Peace, Love and Live Life Full,


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