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How to Caramelize Nuts in the Microwave

Ever wonder if you could caramelize nuts in the microwave? Well, I didn’t. But since my water heater flooded and ruined the kitchen floors (where my electric stove happens to be plugged in), I haven’t been able to use my stove for the past week. Apparently, water and electricity don’t mix (shocker!).

I cook quite a bit and was bummed that I wouldn’t be able to use my stove, so I figured–easy fix–I’ll just make salad! Hahahaha. Of course, most of the salads I make are quite “fancy.” Like this spinach, pear, goat cheese with caramelized pecans salad I like to make (recipe here). But I forgot that in order to caramelize the pecans, I would need my stove. Dang it!

Refusing to be defeated (and taking the hard road because of course I couldn’t just leave the nuts out…duh!), I thought to myself “I wonder if I can do this with a microwave.”

It turns out you can.

The microwave and I had a little bit of a stare down contest before I got up the nerve to risk my precious ingredients. I mixed the nuts with some organic brown sugar, put them in a single layer on a microwave safe plate and started at 1 minute on high.

After that, I mixed them up to turn them over, and microwaved for another 1 minute. Nothing. They didn’t look like anything, except raw nuts covered in sugar. :-/

I figured, man up P.A., turn it up a notch! So I set the microwave for 2 minutes (oooohhh brave! haha). It still looked raw.

Okay, okay, I got the message. I cautiously fearlessly set the microwave for another 2 minute increment and subsequent 30 second intervals after that. (du-dum, du-dum went my heart). I finally started to hear a sizzle. Ah hah! We were getting somewhere! I mixed the nuts to turn them over and repeated.

The final product did not quite have the coloring of toasted/caramelized nuts, but hey, it tasted just the same (practically). These would do!


So there you have it. If you’re in a pinch or just don’t want to fire up the oven or pan for a small amount of nuts, the microwave is a viable option. However, if I’m going for presentation, it’s back to the stove!

If you’d like to see how the entire salad turned out, check it out here.

Peace, Love, and Live Life Full,


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