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Hairstyle 2: Crochet Braids – Pre-braided strands

This is the other type of crochet braids that I like to put in: pre-braided strands.   This is the easiest way I’ve found to get the same look as micros/Senegalese.  Like the bulk hair version, you can get these wet at anytime.  The downside to pre-braided strands is that, if you hair grows quickly, it will last closer to the 4-week rather than the 6-week range.  There’s just no way to hide the new growth.Here are a couple of examples for comparison:
1) Actual Senegalese Braids  – never again (ain’t nobody got time for that!)


2)  Senegalese-style Crochet Braids: (hair brand/type = Biba Pre-lock Twist Braid)


As you can see above, this style is really easy to wear casual or for a special occasion.  I wore these for my wedding because it was in a humid, hot, location and my honeymoon was going to be spent on the beach.  It was great waking up and not having to do anything to my hair!


3)  Micro-style crochet braids: (hair brand/type = KB LEO Micro Knot Braid)

These are bone straight pre-braided micros that can still be fancied up.


4)  The combo Senegalese braids: (hair brand/type = Biba Pre-lock Combo)

These are basically partially braided Senegalese with a deep wave effect.  I tend to prefer the curlier pre-braids as I can manipulate them better to cover up any new growth as it comes in.

The pre-braided Senegalese twists/combo can be found at:

Other pre-braided styles, which tend to be harder to find, such as micros, can be found here:


    • D'aller Naturel says

      You are most certainly welcome! I’m glad this post was helpful. 🙂

  1. D'aller Naturel says

    Oh can you do me a favor and post pics of your hairdo to my fb page? That way others have another example for comparison!

    • D'aller Naturel says

      Since I have a lot of hair (meaning my cornrows are always really thick), I buy about 10 packs of hair for pre braided strands. I never really use more than 9 packs but I like to be safe. Most people I know though only use about 7 packs of hair. It also depends on how thick you want the style and how spaced apart you crochet each strand. In the front, I crochet really close together because my cornrows are thick and would otherwise show. But crochet with space in the back because each top layer will cover any spaces on the bottom layers. For bulk hair I only use about 3-5 packs depending on the type of hair. The curlier the hair, the fewer packs I need to use. Hope that helps! ☺

  2. What was your cornrow braiding pattern for the micro braid crochet style?

    • Hi, T and thanks for stopping by! The cornrow braiding pattern I used for the micro braids was a set of about 14 or 15 cornrows straight back. At the time, my hair was shoulder blade length, so I just had to tack up my ends. If I were to do this particular style again, though, I would start one cornrow at the nape and snake it upwards for the back half of my head. I would then braid about 13 cornrows straight back until they met in the middle, then tack the two ends in the middle. That way, you could wear the style up in a ponytail or bun if you wanted to. If that doesn’t make sense, let me know and I’ll send you a sketch of what I mean. Hope that helps!

      • weezie says

        Im looking for some salt and pepper braided hair cannot seem to fine that color any where.can u help me.I live iv Houston Texas.

      • Hi! Unfortunately, since gray hair is a specialty color (and a pretty new fad), not many stores carry it. I also haven’t seen any pre-braided hair (for crochet braids) that already come in a gray/black combo. Your best bet is ordering bulk hair in gray or gray/black combo online and creating your own braids from that. Try They sell bulk Kanekalon hair in colors 44 (black and gray – 50% gray) and 280 (black and gray combo – 10% gray). They also have colors 51 and 56 which have more gray than black (like 70 – 90% gray). Hope that helps!

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  4. Roslyn ArtEffects says

    How do you keep the twists from slipping out? They were pulled tight, but they still seem to slip out… can you sew them in? They just seem sooo loose… not sure if they will last… did I do something wrong?

    • Hi Roslyn, most of my twists stayed in with one loop, but some strands are thicker than others and I just double looped them to secure them. Some strands will still slip near your edges. As your hair grows in and the cornrows get looser, your edges won’t be firmly attached to the cornrow unless you use some braiding/synthetic hair to reinforce the cornrow in the beginning (before crocheting any strands through). If I feel my hair getting looser at the edges, I just put in a new strand with a double loop as reinforcement. Hope that helps!

      • Roslyn ArtEffects says

        Thank you… I will try the double loop. Hopefully it will work, because I did this style on both my girls for the first time and it took no time which was awesome. But if it doesn’t last that will be a drawback…

    • No, my hair is all cornrowed back–either at a diagonal or going straight back, depending on which style I’m wearing.

    • Hi! I’ve never tried it, but the hair is synthetic so I’m sure you can. The same way you would rod Marley hair in boiling water.

  5. rhonda says

    Hello I absolutely love your braids. You did an amazing job. I tried doing my daughters hair with cornrows going straight back. Once I was done it looked really good except the middle parts had a big space in between it. Is there another braiding pattern that would eliminate that big space in the middle of the head. Thanks

    • Hi Rhonda. Thank you! Instead of braiding straight back you can also make a part where you want it to be and braid to the side (right or left) of the part, then curve the braid to the back of the head once you reach the side of her head. Or you can still braid straight back, but make the braids smaller in the front (less space in between each braid) and join them into bigger braids in the back.

  6. Nicky says

    Can pre-braided hair be cut in half if I don’t want it to be so long?

    • Actually no because it’s not symmetrical like bulk hair. Also, the prebraided hair is knotted to hold the braid together. Cutting it will unravel the braid.

  7. Bebela says

    si ravissante sur toi!! , je vais tacher ce weekend moi meme, combien des paquets suggéreriez vous pour reussir la coiffure? as tu installée des tresses individuels pres du front? merci

    • Merci! Je ai utilisé approximativement 7 – 9 paquets en fonction du style . Non, je ne dois tresses individuelles à l’avant.

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  9. Michelle says

    Is there a way to stop the hair from getting so matted with the combo senegalese and loose wave pack of hair?

    • Do you mean straight unbraided hair? If so, I don’t know of any, but you might be able to Google it. Companies are coming out with new styles all the time.

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